16.SS Panzer-Grenadier Reichsführer

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This unit is dedicated to the great 16.SS realism unit in day of defeat. This unit is based on Respect, Loyalty, Honor, and Integrity. Welcome to the 16.SS

    Dishonorable Discharge :: Tran

    Dagobert |16.SS|
    Dagobert |16.SS|

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    Dishonorable Discharge :: Tran Empty Dishonorable Discharge :: Tran

    Post  Dagobert |16.SS| Sun Sep 06, 2009 3:56 pm

    Name: Tran
    Rank: Stze.
    Gruppe: Second

    Soldaten you are hereby dishonorably discharged from the 16thh Schutzstaffel Panzer- Grenadier Division - Riechsfuhrer for the following reason;

    Hacking of other unit's servers. The evidence compiled against you is of the hacking of the 82nd Server and the FSSF server.

    You are not allowed back in, you are not allowed to wear are tags, you are not allowed on our forums or our server(s).

    Take off your uniform.


    Rttf. Wilhelm Dagobert,

    Rottenführer Dagobert
    Technische Abteilung
    Kompanie I Batallion I
    Panzergrenadier Regiment 36
    16thSS Panzergrenadier-Division

    Dishonorable Discharge :: Tran PolizeiCross

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